Today’s mobile consumer market drives our expectations on new handheld devices.  End-users are quickly adapting to the tablet format and the immediate responsiveness of embedded operating systems and fast, integrated graphics.  It is therefore only logical when our customers express their needs in terms of “needing an iPad that can run Windows and survive extreme climate conditions”.

This kind of need stems from the fact that many (if not most) rugged computing users depend on existing infrastructures; legacy software, bespoke encryption and authentication systems and specific connectivity requirements.  Such requirements all point back towards the proven x86 computing platform.

The Eurotempest “rPad” development project aims to fuse legacy requirements with the directness and usability features of the commercial tablet market.

rPad – a different approach


Protection against harsh environmental conditions is the primary design goal of the
rPad platform. The aim is to comply with stringent environmental, EMC/TEMPEST
and Intrinsic Safety requirements and achieve this in a modern and lightweight tablet design.  Our
customers can expect the rPad design to meet formal MIL461 and SDIP/IASG TEMPEST standards
out of the box.

Rather than re-packaging an existing consumer computer design into a rugged box, we have built a solution that carefully integrates selected discrete components into our rFrame rugged frame construction.  These components can be individually selected and the final product tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

The rPad-mil

The first version of the rPad-mil is an x86-based rugged tablet aimed at the defense market. It is based on the latest ATOM CPU motherboard and capable of running Windows Operating Systems including Win XP Embedded for compatibility with legacy systems.

 Custom features are :

  • Night Vision Screen Mode
  • Single button to stealth Mode
  • Strong encryption & purge features
  • Extended Battery
  • HF Radio Battery connectivity
  • Soldier DC-DC charger / PSU
  • Def Stan 59-411 / MIL STD 461 EMC
  • IR Reflective Paint
  • Ruggedised accessories (memory stick, keyboard, mouse, durable flipcase).

For enquiries please contact rpad@eurotempest.co.uk.

All designs of rPad and related accessories are the sole property of European TEMPEST UK Limited.  

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