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Modulus T P221-A TEMPEST monitor

Eurotempest now offers the HP P221 business monitor in TEMPEST Level A and B versions.

21-inch TEMPEST monitor

You may download the product sheet here:  Modulus T P221-A.
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Modulus T 2405 Level A monitor

2405xEurotempest has added a 24-inch monitor to its range of TEMPEST level A products. Modulus T 2405-A is a standard 24-inch TEMPEST LED monitor based on HP’s professional and reliable 2405 series of monitors. Special features include a very high dynamic contrast ratio, plus the fact that the monitor can be twisted 90 degrees to facilitate portrait-mode edititing.

Download the data sheet for  Modulus T 2405-A TEMPEST monitor.


For info about pricing and availability, please contact

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IIyama TEMPEST monitor


Eurotempest has updated its range of TEMPEST level A monitors with the IIyama 2280HS HD monitor. The 2280HS is available in SDIP-27 Level A, B and C versions with VGA and DVI connectivity options.

Specifications can be found here: Modulus T 2280HS-A monitor

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