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rPad rugged mobile platform

rPad rugged tablet

rPad is a rugged tablet platform aimed at defense and government customers with stringent requirements on security and environmental capabilities. Head over to our feature page, presenting our latest development on the rugged side – the rPad mil.

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Updated product sheet for Modulus T3015d-A

The product sheet for Modulus T3015d has now been updated. The product sheet can be downloaded here.

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Modulus LC7-A TEMPEST laptop

Modulus LC7-A TEMPEST laptop

Eurotempest now releases the Modulus LC7-A high-performance, 17-inch laptop. LC7-A is based on Hewlett-Packard’s high-performance line of professional laptops, aimed at users with workstation-like requirements. LC7-A comes with a 17 inch, 1920×1080 display and a discrete high-performance integrated graphics card.

For details, download the product sheet for LC7-A here.

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Modulus SFF5 Small Form Factor TEMPEST computer

SFF-5 TEMPEST computer

TEMPEST ultra-small form factor

We have now updated the configuration of our Ultra Small Form Factor (USSF) TEMPEST computer. SFF5-A has a very small footprint on the desktop, but still offers high-performance specifications equal to those found in standard desktop systems. The SFF5-A is highly configurable and comes with a full range of configuration options depending on the user’s needs.

Download the Modulus SFF5-A computer product sheet  for detailed information.

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Modulus T-8270 TEMPEST scanner

TEMPEST scanner

T-8270 TEMPEST scanner

The product sheet for our HP-based TEMPEST flatbed scanner has been updated. You can download the product sheet for the T8270 TEMPEST scanner here.

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T-M451 TEMPEST color laser printer

TEMPEST laser printer

Eurotempest now offers Hewlett-Packard’s new range of office laser color printers for desktop or small workgroup use.  The T-M451 offers updated features compared to the former T-2025 which it now replaces. A product sheet for our  TEMPEST T-400 printer line can be downloaded here.

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