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Updated images of IRIS-1 Incident response display

IRIS-1 Rugged display

While rendered pictures look nice, it is even nicer to have images of the real thing.  The following pictures are from a demo we recently had in Farnborough of our incident response display.  The IRIS-1 is an excellent solution for those looking to collect data from various locations (pictures, movies, documents etc) and have them managed and displayed simultaneously at a command center. The IRIS-1 is a 12-point rugged multi-touch solution built around a bright 42-inch display, allowing several people to gather and interact around the same control surface.

We have also updated our product sheet which can be downloaded here.

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TMC2-A TEMPEST media converter

The Modulus TMC2-A is a high-speed media converter, converting from copper-based Ethernet to Fiber Ethernet. The converter is completely transparent to the network, meaning that no converter-specific configuration of the network is required.  The TMC2-A sports a small, convenient and lightweight TEMPEST enclosure. TMC2-A weighs a little more than 500 grams.

Download TMC2-A TEMPEST media converter data sheet PDF here


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Eurotempest invests in TEMPEST production cell

In order to increase production capacity, Eurotempest has invested in a production test cell.  The test cell releases capacity from the TEMPEST level A testing, creating two parallel production flows at the facility in the Netherlands.

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New Eurotempest UK address

Eurotempest UK has moved into the Cody Technology Park in
Farnborough and is changing its address to:

European TEMPEST UK Ltd

G040 building A2
Cody Technology Park
Ively Road
Hampshire GU14 0LX

Telephone: 01252 392182

For further information please contact


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Eurotempest UK teams up with QinetiQ

In order to increase its UK production capabilities, Eurotempest UK has recently moved to Cody Technology Park in Farnborough, home of many defense technology companies including QintetiQ, Eurotempest UK partner for UK national TEMPEST testing. Read the rest of this entry »

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MBT-1 Rugged Mobile Briefing Table

The MBT-1 Mobile Briefing Table is a transportable interactive smart screen with integrated multi-touch system providing a multi user, collaborative surface for improvised command centres, incident rooms, briefing and training areas. The MBT-1 sports a large HD 42-inch LCD display, manufactured to the highest quality levels and designed for 24/7 continuous operation. Picture quality is enhanced by a 1920×1080 resolution, 3,000:1 DCR contrast ratio, 500 cd/m2 brightness, and a 178° ultra wide viewing angle.

The Briefing table is packaged in a single transportation housing incorporating the stand, cabling, accessories and certified protection from damage during transport. The MBT-1  Briefing Table can be mounted to operate in horizontal (table) or vertical (wall display) modes.

For more info on the mobile briefing table please contact

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TEMPEST video conferencing system

VTC1-A TEMPEST video conferencing system

VTC1-A is a complete solution for secure videoteleconferencing. It is based on Cisco’s well-proven telepresence system, offering a scalable and cost-effective approach to videoconferencing that fits most organisations.

Security has been the main concern in the development of VTC1-A. VTC1-A is meant for customers with strict security requirements and fulfills formal NATO and EU standards for compromising radiation. High-grade, evaluated end-to-end encryption options are available for qualified government customers.

For enquiries please contact news[at]

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